Company:Hangzhou Cassell Machinery Co., Ltd.



ATTEN:Manager Huang


Add:Hangzhou city Yuhang district warehouse industrial park Takahashi Vanward Road No. 3


About us

Cassell: the main mechanical mold temperature machine, oil machine, water machine, oil heater, water machine, freezer, refrigerator cover. Company is located in Kassel Kassel in the north of Europe, and with a history of dozens of years specializing in the production and development of temperature control system, temperature control system as a famous European manufacturing Kassel always walk in science and technology and market cutting-edge, precise temperature control, excellent operating performance, the minimum energy consumption so that users can produce high-quality products, in Hangzhou, the establishment of Kassel Machinery Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou. The company's main products: oil circulation temperature controller, water temperature control machine, freezer, water heater, oil heater. In order to better serve the customers of different industries, our engineers have also developed a special machine for different industries, such as DVD disk forming special temperature control system, rubber (plastic) machinery special temperature...[more]